We Write So You Don’t Have To!

We’re Spotty Lizard, your team of website copywriters, infographic designers and content strategists. Forget everything you’ve heard about copywriters being dull and boring. Fun is our middle name! Spotty Lizard consists of a vibrant and creative team of copywriters, graphic designers, keyword researchers and content strategists all with one aim. We’re here to push your business into the stratosphere, get it noticed by all the right people and make you money!

  • Website Copywriters Who Get You Found By Google

    There’s nothing worse than having amazing products or services which nobody knows about. Our specialist copywriting team really know our way around a keyboard. Experts when it comes to keyword research, on page SEO and creating website content, we’ll get your business found by all the right people.

  • Infographic Designers Who Build Your Brand Awareness

    A well-researched and designed Infographic has more chance of going viral than anything else. We specialise in creating infographics which have a clearly defined purpose, are simple and easy to understand and build your brand awareness amongst those who matter. More than a pretty image, our professionally designed and written infographics help you explain ideas to your target market and make it easier to share your content.

  • Content Strategists Who Plan Attention Grabbing Content

    A business with a content plan is a business going places. Our content strategists will identify where your business currently is sitting in the market and where you’ll need to go in the future. We’ll put together a plan consisting of blog topics, website pages, keywords, social media topics and infographic topics all designed to get your business in front of the audience who matters to you. Hire us solely for our content strategy help or to create the content for you, either way you win.

  • Who Can Spotty Lizard Help?

    You! Big or small, Spotty Lizard is here to help. From one off blog articles or specific keyword research, through to creating the content for an entire website, Spotty Lizard gets the job done quickly and affordably.

    Give Jackie a call today on 022 324 4249 or send us a message below to find out just how amazing our services really are!

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