Short Or Long Blogs? Why Blog Length Matters

In the past, a minimum of 350-400 words per blog post was recommended for optimal SEO benefits. However, research is showing that longer blogs are receiving more traffic, ranking higher in search engine results and generating more leads.

So yes, blog length does matter!

How long should my blog post be? As long as it needs to be.

But how many words? Is there an optimum word count? What is the best blog length for SEO? As mentioned above, it was generally thought that a blog or web page with between 350-400 words is best. But research has shown that longer blogs are getting more traffic, generating more leads and ranking higher in search engine results. For example: 

  • the average blog post is now 1,050 words
  • for results on page 1 of Google, the average word count is between 1,140-1,285 words
  • 69% of professional bloggers are now writing posts longer than 1,000 words
  • Longer content outperforms shorter content by 40.54%  (CoSchedule)

Should I Switch to Using Longer Blog Posts?

If you are going to follow best practice, as demonstrated by the above research, then yes. You will be seeing Spotty Lizard beginning to write longer blog posts for our site of 1,000 words or more. That's because we believe that we've got something of value to share with our visitors and we're not sure of a few words! It's not to say we're forgoing shorter blog posts altogether though. There is still a place for the good old 400 word blog posts.

As a B2B or business to business company, you too should be considering using longer blog posts. Not only will they potentially rank higher, but a longer length blog is a great place to demonstrate your competence within your industry. Once again though, don't completely throw out the shorter length blog posts as these still have their place. Instead sprinkle the shorter blogs in between the longer ones.

As a B2C or business to consumer company, things are slightly different. A customer is unlikely to sit down and read a long blog on a topic related to your business. They're more likely to read a shorter 400 word article in full. But this doesn't mean you should avoid using long length blog posts, but rather that you aim for a ratio of around 1:5 when it comes to long verses short blog posts on your website. The longer blogs will provide you with the high search engine rankings, and can link to your shorter blogs to encourage visitors to scroll throughout your site. 

Ready to Take the Plunge to Using Longer Blog Posts?

We sure are! Our longer length blog writing service will provide you with a blog of up to 1,200 words. That's three times the length of our regular 400 word blog posts.

For $115+GST you'll be the owner of a traffic generating, high ranking and money making blog post!