Your Guide to Blog Writing Made Simple

Let's not beat around the bush. You're here because you want to learn about blog writing. We're here because we're blog writers. 

While professional blog writing is our bread and butter, we know not everyone can afford to hire us to write their blogs (you can find out how much our blogs cost here). That's why we've put together this guide to help you get started with your blog writing. Here you'll learn:

  • what a blog is
  • why you need a blog
  • what to write in a blog post
  • where to get images for your blog post
  • best length for a blog post
  • SEO for a blog post

What is a Blog?

A blog, short for weblog, is an online journal of posts displayed in chronological order. A blog page or simply blog, is the page where all of the blog posts are listed, often with a short blurb and title. A blog post is the individual article or post.

Why Does a Website Need a Blog?

Some websites are the actual blog, there are no other pages on it. Or like Spotty's, there is a blog page with blog posts. A blog provides a website with fresh content and additional opportunities to be found by search engines.

What Should I Write in a Blog Post?

The content of your blog posts should complement the rest of your website. With a business website, you will want to use your blog as a way of building up trust with your audience, establish your credibility within your industry and gently encourage your visitors to purchase your products or services. For those reasons, the content within your blog posts needs to provide value to your target audience and be related to what you are selling.

Where Do I Find Images for My Blog Posts?

As with everything else on the internet, you cannot use images without permission. That means you best source of free images are through websites which specifically allow their images to be used. Some good ones are:

How Long Does a Blog Need to Be?

There's lots of conflicting information online about the best length for a blog post. Google itself has said that the number of words isn't a ranking feature, but that the quality of the words and whether they answer the visitor's question is. This means that your blog post needs to be as long as it takes for you to give the best answer to your visitor.

Generally this is around the 350-400 word mark. Research has shown though that blog posts which rank on page one of Google are averaging 1050 words. 

How Do I SEO My Blog?

SEO or search engine optimisation, helps your blog to rank highly in search engine results. On page SEO is the type of SEO you can easily control yourself in your blog posts. This involves:

  • selecting a unique keyword phrase per blog
  • using that keyword in the page heading, sub heading, image name and sprinkled in the main text body
  • sharing the link to the blog on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

Where Can I Find More Help With Blog Writing?

Right here, within this website. Our blog itself is packed with advice on writing for the web, plus Club Spotty Lizard members get access to free resources not found anywhere else on this site, including blog planning templates!