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When you have a business website which needs to be found by Google, you need the Spotty Lizard team!  

Need the Services of a Competent Blog Copywriter?

Spotty Lizard are New Zealand’s one stop blog writing shop. 

Offering service like no other blog copywriters in the country, we are masters at crafting interesting
and engaging blogs which get found regularly by search engines.

Why Hire a Spotty Lizard Blog Copywriter?

When you want something done right, you use a professional.
As professional blog writers, it’s our job to give you blogs which:

  • Rank highly in Google and other search engines
  • Engage your target audience
  • Build your perceived expertise within your industry
  • Increase your brand’s profile
  • Encourage your audience to buy your products or services
  • Motivate your audience to interact regularly with your business
  • Help you make money!

What Makes Spotty Lizard’s Blogs Special?

First up, they’re written by a professional blog writer who loves writing. After all, we love our job and it shows in our work!
All the blogs we write for you will:

  • Be written using up to date on page SEO methods
  • Include a specific well-researched keyword phrase
  • Have at least 400 words
  • Use attention grabbing titles and headlines
  • Be easily scannable
  • Include a free premium image (upon request)
  • Include a meta description

Booking Your Spotty Lizard Blog

It’s quick, easy and affordable to book all your business’ blogs with Spotty Lizard’s blog writing service. Just fill in our contact form below and in three easy steps, you’ll own one of the world’s top blog posts! Seriously, it’s as easy as one, two, three!

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You haven’t got the time or inclination to write your blogs. We do! 

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