DIY Websites for NZ Small Businesses

When you have a business website which needs to be found by Google, you need the Spotty Lizard team!  

At Spotty Lizard, we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. So it makes sense that we can solve more problems for our clients by providing them with websites too! Working with New Zealand’s most popular DIY website host Website World, we now offer:

This makes it even easier for our clients to get up and running online quickly. Not only do we provide you with the tools to create your own website using our DIY website builder, we can also supply all the content too!

Now is the time to get started – start your free 30 day trial to set up your own website.  Don’t forget that you’ll also need to purchase your domain name, which we can help you with. Plus, we can also help you with affordable website hosting plans too.

We offer all websites hosted through Spotty Lizard, 60 minutes of free web copywriting and on page SEO support during the first month after you go live. Just send us an email and let us know when you're ready for it. While we can offer you advice if you get stuck, we don't provide web design as a service.

If you’d like some help, just enter your details in our contact form below. We’ll be in touch licketity split!