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What is a Web Copywriter? 

A web copywriter is an extraordinary person. They’re someone who writes words, sentences, paragraphs, headings and pages for websites. They brainstorm, research, plan, write and revise website content for clients. 

Don’t forget, they also write content which is found by search engines. As website copywriters, it’s our job to get your business noticed by the right people online. For that, you need to hire us to write for you. 

 Let’s be honest. You want to make money for your business. We want to make money for Spotty Lizard too. But we don’t charge the earth and you can see for yourself just how affordable we are by heading over to our Rates page.

Jackie Procter - Web Copywriter


Don't leave your web content to Uncle Bob!

Why Do I Need a Web Copywriter?

You’ve got a professionally designed website. All your images are crisp, clear and looking great. Your Uncle Bob has written your website content. Now you’re ready to rock n roll, aren’t you?

Unless Uncle Bob is an exceptional web copywriter, we’re afraid not.
A great website has great content which people want to and enjoy reading. We can help create that content for you which:

  • Educates and entertains your target audience
  • Brings in new leads for your business
  • Ranks you high in search engine results
  • Builds your brand’s online visibility and presence
  • Converts website visitors into paying clients or customers
  • Sells your products and services

What’s SEO Got to Do with It?

Getting your website found on the web should be your first marketing job. Why? Because it’s the most cost effective and long-lasting advertising strategy you have in your arsenal. As web copywriters, we know the ins and outs of on page SEO like the back of our hand. We’ll find the right keywords, use the best tags and meta descriptions and craft the best SEO content your website has ever seen.

In today’s highly competitive online world, on page SEO is vital. No longer a luxury for the rich, even the smallest online businesses must use the right words in the right places and at the right times to get found. We’ll make that happen and it won’t cost you the earth!

Great Web Copy Pays for Itself

Cutting corners by writing web copy yourself (or from Uncle Bob), using poorly constructed product descriptions from your supplier or purchasing PLR articles are sure-fire ways to rank poorly. 

Your website is what your customers or clients use to decide about your business. Don’t let them click away to your competitor’s site because yours is poorly written.


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