How Much Does a Copywriter Cost? (And Other Rates Too) 

You’re here because you want to know how much does a copywriter cost. 

Fair enough. I’m also going to tell you how much it costs to have keyword research done and hire a web copywriter who specialises in on-page SEO.
All our prices are excluding GST.


To hire a Spotty Lizard website copywriter, you will pay (excluding GST)

1 Blog, Article or Web Page of at least 400 words $65 each
1 Blog, Article or Web Page of at least 1200 words $140 each
1 Hour of Website Copywriting $80 each

1 Hour of One to One Support for Website Content and On Page SEO Development

$125 per hour


To have Spotty Lizard perform your keyword research, you will pay

One Hour $80
Two Hours $150
Three Hours $220


Now you know how much a copywriter costs...

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