7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Blog Writer

Sick of writing your own blogs or don't know where to start?

You're here because you're wondering if you should hire a blog writer or not. Perhaps it's because other business owners have told you about the benefits they've received from doing so. Or it may be something you've been thinking about for a while? Or it could be you've just found out that professional blog writers exist and you want to find out more about them. Then this page is for you. Spotty (AKA Jackie) is here to share with you seven reasons why hiring a blog writer for your business is a brilliant move!

  1. Lets You Focus On Your Business - You know that regular blogs are a great way of providing fresh content and new traffic to your website. The issue is, you're a busy person and while you'd like to write your own blogs, other things just keep getting in the way. Hiring a blog writer will solve this problem for you, giving you back the time to focus on your business.
  2. Blogs Bring in Leads - statistics show that small businesses who do publish blogs receive 126% more lead growth than those who don't. A blog writer will pay for themselves in new leads and sales for your business.
  3. Helps Identify Blog Topics - a blog writer brings an outsider's perspective to your blog topics, identifying engaging and different topics you may not have thought of.
  4. Does Keyword Research - it's no use having amazing blogs on your site if they don't contain the keywords people are using to find businesses like yours. A blog writer will perform accurate keyword research and use their findings to create blogs which are found by your target audience.
  5. Optimise for On Page SEO - a professional blog writer has the necessary skills and knowledge about on page SEO to create blogs which are ranked highly in search engine results.
  6. Provide a Professional Image - appearances matter and this includes your website's content. Hiring a blog writer to create articles and other web content ensures your business is seen as authoritative, professional and trustworthy.
  7. Regular Web Content - statistics show that the more blogs a business publishes, the more leads and traffic their website receives. Hubspot identified that businesses who published 11 or more blogs per month got three times the traffic than those who published only once or less. While 11 per month is an extreme example, if you're publishing none at all or very irregularly, there's little to no chance of receiving traffic from blogs.

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