Your NZ Copywriter

Yes, I'm a copywriter. I write copy for websites. This means I write:

  • Home pages
  • About pages
  • Information pages
  • Blogs

Using a Copywriter for Your Content Writing 

When you hire a copywriter for your web content, you get your life back! As your copywriter, I will take over the worry about finding the right keywords, researching the topic and writing the whole darn page! Here's my eight step guide to working with a copywriter.

  1. You have a website which needs web copy. You don't want to write it, can't write it or have written it and it sucks. 
  2. You decide to outsource some of your web copy to a copywriter
  3. You check out how much it costs to hire a copywriter.
  4. You contact Jackie from Spotty Lizard to ask for a quote for your web copy.
  5. You agree to the quote and your job is booked in.
  6. Jackie researches for your content and decides on the best keyword.
  7. Jackie writes your web content, checks it and sends it to you via a Word document in an email.
  8. You read your content, love it and want Jackie to write more for you!

What's Next Mrs Copywriter?