Is hiring a copywriter right for you?

Have you been told to hire a copywriter, but are not sure if you should? Or are you wondering if hiring a copywriter is the right thing for you? It’s time to nail down the truth, remove the mystery and bare it all when it comes to website copywriters.

When Hiring a Copywriter is Not Your Best Move

Okay, first up let’s explain why you shouldn’t hire a copywriter. It’s what everyone wants to know, right? There are a few reasons why you should not hire a copywriter and they are:

  • You can’t afford to. Yes, it’s a bit obvious, but hiring someone to write your website copy costs money. Some copywriters charge hundreds, some list their services on Fiver. It all comes down to the old, ‘you get what you pay for’ analogy. In terms of Spotty Lizard website copy, you’re getting a darn good deal!
  • You are a copywriter or a writer and you know how to write web copy which ranks in search engines.
  • You’re prepared to keep writing until you achieve success. Sometimes it’s the personal satisfaction of creating successful web copy you’re after. If you’re prepared to wait for those results, don’t hire a copywriter.
  • You haven’t sorted out your business branding. We’re not talking logos and colours here, but the tone of your information and the language it uses.

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Copywriter

Now for the good stuff. Let’s explore seven reasons why hiring a copywriter is right for you.

  1. You don’t have time to write great web copy. As a SME business owner, time is precious. You’ve already got 400 things on your to do list and you can’t do them all. Outsourcing your writing to a web copywriting team makes great sense. They write and you run your business.
  2. You hate writing. Simple and to the point, if writing is not your thing, don’t do it. Pay someone to write for you.
  3. You’re too close to your topic. Ever found it hard to write about yourself, your business or your products? When you are living and breathing your topic every day, it’s hard to know what to write about it. A professional copywriter brings an outsiders perspective to write web copy which your clients or customers can relate with.
  4. You don’t understand SEO. We don’t blame you. It’s a complex topic and requires plenty of practise and continual upskilling.
  5. You’re not quite sure how to convince people to buy your stuff. Copywriters know what sells. We can find the right words for the right sentence. We’ll put them together to create a magnificent selling machine piece of content for you.
  6. You’ll heavily emotionally invested in your business. We can stay objective. We’re not emotionally invested in your brand, product or business. We’re hired by you to perform a specific job and we do it well. There’s no fluff to be found in our web copy!
  7. You’re an expert at something else. We specialise in words. We’ve spent years honing our writing skills. Let us use them for you, so you can use your skills on what you’re great at.

Need us to write your content for you?

By now you’ll have a clear idea if hiring a copywriter is the best choice for you currently. If it is, awesome.

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