Have you ever wondered how Spotty Lizard works?

Of course you have, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this now! That’s why we’re going to delve our deepest darkest secrets here for all to see…

How Spotty Lizard Works

Owned and operated by New Zealand’s Naked Copywriter Jackie Procter, Spotty Lizard is a one stop website copywriting, content marketing and infographic design company.

When Jackie’s one-woman band business as a freelance copywriter was so successful she needed to turn down clients, Jackie looked for a solution. Spotty Lizard was born to not only provide her clients with the same level of exceptional writing, but to also narrow that focus down further.

  • We only write website copy. That includes blogs and website pages. If you’re wanting other forms of writing done, we’re not the copywriters you are looking for.
  • Our team researches, writes and designs affordable infographics for New Zealand businesses. We know that currently infographics are not well known and rarely used by SMEs. We’re set to change this as they’re an effective form of visual marketing no business should be without.
  • As the real deal content marketers, we take the fluff away and help you get your business found more frequently online. We don’t do AdWords or Facebook campaigns, won’t write your newspaper ads or eBook. But we will help your website get the right attention online.

Let’s Chat About Your Work

So, how does your work get done? To the highest standard, that’s how! Seriously, Jackie reviews all the work done by her team before it gets emailed to you. That way you can relax knowing it will be positively perfect in every way.

To learn more or book your spot today, fill in the contact form below and we’ll be in touch lickety-split.