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Help Me Spotty! You're My Only Hope!

Ok, so while Spotty's not Princess Leia or Obi-Wan Kenobi, he's still a pretty darn helpful character. So much so that he's set up Club Spotty Lizard where members get access to:

  • Writing for Your Website eBook
  • templates to help you write blogs, product descriptions and other web pages
  • links to great tools you can use to write content for your website
  • tips on how to come up with ideas for your blogs
  • on page SEO help
  • lots more FREE stuff - seriously, it's free!

What does Spotty want in return? Is he going to chase me, spam me or harass me to hire him?

Nope. You may get the odd newsletter, but to be honest, Spotty isn't a fan of newsletters. What he does like (well, what Jackie likes actually) is sharing advice and help on writing for your website. For free, in case you hadn't noticed that yet. It's a part of his (well Jackie's marketing plan), that by sharing her expertise with you, you'll see her as the knowledgeable one, the one that when you do decide to hire a web copywriter, you'll see her first. Just don't tell Spotty!

So to join Club Spotty Lizard, just sign up here now. That's it. Get all the free stuff. Cause it's free. And it's darn useful.

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