Get Your Business Ready for 2019!

2018 was a good example of what not to do in regards to your business' blog and social media, wasn't it? You started off with plenty of enthusiasm, maybe even brought a diary to help you get organised. But it fizzed and burnt out.

Now that 2019 is just around the corner, you're already looking for a solution to planning and organising your blogs and social media posts. One which will keep you motivated throughout the year, is easy to use and looks awesome...

Spotty Lizard 2019 Blog & Social Media Diary Planner!

Designed for NZ Small Business Owners

Available in two colour versions, this downloadable 26 page diary planner contains all the templates you'll need to:
  • Create your 2019 blogging and social media strategies
  • Get inspired each day using the monthly calendar, where every day has it's associated day identified (13 January is Rubber Duckie Day, by the way)
  • See your year at a glance, with a one page full year calendar
  • Record important events each month on the monthly planning template
  • Brainstorm ideas and notes for each month on the monthly brainstorm template
  • Plan your individual blogs on the single blog planning template
  • Record your social media posts, results and ideas on the weekly social media planner
  • Get organised for the entire year!

Planning & Posting Your Business Content Just Got Easier!

As well as using your blog and social media diary planner, you'll also receive a monthly email from Spotty Lizard. Inside you'll find tips on planning and writing your blogs and social media content, along with a friendly reminder to fill in your planner!

Make 2019 YOUR year !