2019 Blog & Social Media Diary Planner

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Make planning and writing your business content fun and easy with your 2019 Blog & Social Media Diary Planner!

Make 2019 the best year for your business yet! Everything you need to plan and schedule your business' website and social media content is right here, at your fingertips. Only available from 15 September 2018 to the 31 January 2019, this is one amazing business planner you will love using! You can buy your copy here!

Ready to Take a Look Inside?

Your 2019 Blog & Social Media Diary Planner is only available via a PDF download. The great news about that is you can choose to add your content directly by using a PDF editor, print out just the pages you need at home or take the entire file down to your local print shop to have them print and bind it for you. How's that for flexibility!
Here's the traditional Spotty Lizard coloured version:

While here is the feminine purple and gold coloured version:
Let's get to the good stuff; what's inside? Well, since you asked:
  • Creating Your 2019 Blogging Strategy - a handy reference about how to create a year-long blogging strategy and fill in your Individual Blog Post Planner.
  • Creating Your 2019 Social Media Strategy - instructions on how to find the right social media platforms and fill in your Weekly Social Media Planner.

  • 2019 Calendar - your year at a glance on one page.

  • Month by Month Important Dates Planner template - 12 boxes, one for each month, ready for you to fill in important things happening during that month. Great for seeing your year at a glance.

  • Extra Monthly Information template - blank template to use each month, where you can record important details like your social media statistics, your wins, your goals and your blog topics.

  • Individual Blog Planner template - a blank template to use when planning a blog. It contains areas to record the blog title, publishing date, keywords and areas for notes on the introduction, middle and ending of your blog.

  • Weekly Social Media Planner template - a blank template for recording down the what, when and how’s of your social media postings each week.

  • Monthly Brainstorming & Notes template - a page for you to draw and write notes and ideas on.

  • An Inspiration Calendar for Every Month of the Year - a calendar diary page for each month of the year, where each day has the associated day with it. For instance, the 13th of January is Rubber Duckie Day. You can use this as a diary or to learn what “day” it is and create a social media post about it.

How Much Does It Cost?

It's $35, but if you join Club Spotty Lizard to get access to the discount code, it's only $30. You can buy it here!

I have spent hours using my knowledge of copywriting and my experience in running my businesses to create this fantastic 26 page business planner for you. It's been professionally designed by graphic designer Janelle from Inkee Press and it looks stunning.

Just before each month starts, you'll also receive an email from me with a reminder to fill in your diary planner for the upcoming month. It will also contain great tips and ideas on both blog writing and using social media.

How can you resist? You can't! Now's the time to order your 2019 Blog & Social Media Diary Planner! You can place your order here - and choose between the traditional Spotty Lizard coloured version, or the feminine gold and purple version!