Web Copywriting

We write for your website, so you don't have to.

Content Marketing

Research, plan and implement your inbound content marketing.

Keyword Research

We find the right keywords, so you can add them to your site.

On Page SEO

Meta tags, meta titles, meta descriptions and headings for your site.

Blog Writing

One offs, weekly or every month, we write the blogs which get noticed!

DIY Website Design

Designing affordable SEO friendly and mobile responsive websites.

Frustrated By A Website Which Isn't Getting Found?

Isn't it the most awful feeling knowing that you've spent all this time and money setting up your website - and it's not getting any traffic? Your products are sitting there costing you money, no one is booking your services and you've run out of promotional ideas.

Spotty Lizard can help. We're here to do as much or as little for you, making our services perfect for any sized budget. We can:

  • find the words and phrases people are using to find businesses like yours
  • use these targeted keywords in your web copy or blogs
  • sort out your website's SEO meta tags
  • write blogs for you once or on a regular basis
  • design a new website and host it for you
  • plan (and implement if you want) your business' content marketing plan

We're not here for a quick fix solution. Our services won't get you found overnight.

Instead we're here to help your site get found and remain high in search engine results in the future. We think that's much better value than you spending money on advertising.

Contact Jackie today to find out more about what Spotty Lizard can do to help your business online.