Why Does My Business Need A Website?

Why Does My Business Need A Website?

It's a dog eat dog world out there. Every business is fighting for attention. Advertisments, social media and even junk mail tells us to buy, buy, buy! Why does your business need a website then? Surely it won't get found because Google controls who sees your website, right? Isn't having a Facebook shop enough?

Your Business Needs A Website!

The thing about a website is, no one can take it away from you. You own it and you control what content you put on it. This makes it invaluable to your business. From marketing to sales, updating customers with updates and tell people where to find your shop, it is a priceless piece of property. Let me explain further by sharing these reasons why you need a business website:

  1. Having a Website Saves You Money - no longer will you need to pay for flyers again and again. Your website is one big online flyer which will never get put into the recycle bin.
  2. It's Open 24/7 - your business website is open for business all the time. It doesn't take sick leave, holidays or mental health days.
  3. You Can Target A Huge Audience - signage outside your business is only seen when people go past. Your website can potentially be seen by everyone in the world.
  4. You Save Time - forget needing to co-ordinate all your marketing. Everything revolves around your website and you do it once and it is there until you change it.
  5. Customer Service is Better - your customers can reach you easily and you to them. This only improves the experience for everyone.
  6. Builds Your Credibility - when you are on the web, it shows your target market that your business is a bonifide and credible company to do business with.

How Do I Build A Website?

Well, that's an easy one. You can build a website for free right here! Simply start using our easy DIY website builder and you pay nothing until you are ready to go live.

Posted: Tuesday 7 August 2018