7 Must Do Blog Writing Tips

7 Must Do Blog Writing Tips

Who would have thought a simple blog post could do amazing things for your website traffic? Well okay, we knew they do. But if you're new to the blogging arena, you may have only just found this out for yourself by seeing your search engine traffic head upwards in numbers. While things such as keyword research, on page SEO and topics are important, there are also seven lesser known things which can also assist with your blogging efforts. Today we're sharing with you just what they are.

7 Key Blog Writing Tips

Your blog is a traffic magnet. Simply by posting one a week, fortnight or month, your website will be found more and ranked higher in search engines and get plenty of traffic. But there are seven blog writing tips you may not have heard about or be using in your posts. They are:

  1. Give clear calls to action. Tell your readers what you want them to do next. This could be to sign up to your newsletter or share your posts. I'm telling you to join Club Spotty Lizard, because I know all the members have gotten some brilliant free website writing advice from being a member!
  2. Add social sharing buttons to your blog posts. How are your readers going to share your writing with the world if you don't make it easy for them?
  3. Make sure you add images. A page full of text looks boring and off-putting. Add at least one image to draw your reader in!
  4. Write attention grabbing headlines. Often a headline is what a reader uses to decide if they need to click through to your website or not.
  5. Stick to a schedule! If you're going to blog weekly, then do it! Try and post your blogs at the same time each week, fortnight or month. If you've said you're posting it then, people are going to visit your site then to see what's new.
  6. Update older blog posts. While writing evergreen posts is optimum, sometimes things change and need updating. Don't leave out of date information for people to find!
  7. Share your blog posts around. Tell people about what you've written by sharing the link to it in a newsletter or social media post.

One of the best places to get more blog writing tips and learn how to write fabulous website content is inside Club Spotty Lizard. It's free to join and specifically for business owners who are serious about writing great web content! So head over and join up now!

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Posted: Sunday 2 September 2018