How to Create 20 Blog Topics In 20 Minutes

How to Create 20 Blog Topics In 20 Minutes

Everyone wants to know how to create blog topics. If you don't have a topic, you don't have a blog. The problem is that creating those blog topics is darn tricky! So today I'm going to share with you how you can create twenty blog topics in just twenty minutes! Yes, twenty minutes! But before you get started, this is just the making of the topic ideas list, not the choosing of the topics - that's a whole other blog!

Here's How to Create Blog Ideas Fast!

Making a list of blog topics is easy, when you've got the right tools and in this case, the tools are questions. So, go find a quiet place, get your computer or pen and paper ready, and set a timer for ten minutes. Now, ask yourself these questions and write down everything you think of, even if it sounds dumb or something you'd never write about. Remember, this is all about getting ideas down in a list, not choosing topics.

  1. What in your business are you passionate about?
  2. How did you get started in your business/industry?
  3. Which is your favourite product/service and why?
  4. Why are your products/services better than your competition?
  5. What mistakes do peopple make in your industry?
  6. What do you enjoy doing in your business and why?

After the questions, comes the research. Go and visit three of your competitor's sites. What are they blogging about? What other stuff do they write about in their content you could too? Write all of these ideas down, but don't worry - you're not going to copy them, but modify them.

Finally, head to good old Google and check out what happens when you enter some words relating to your business in their search bar. It's called Google autocomplete and all you need to do is enter a keyword, then copy down the ideas that it gives you.

You should now have around 20 different blog ideas from which to select some workable topics from. Your next job is to read the article 7 Must Do Blog Writing Tips and get writing. Seriously, now!

Posted: Wednesday 24 October 2018