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  • 7 Must Do Blog Writing Tips
    Besides writing and publishing your blog post, what else is there to do? We share 7 essential things you must do to help your blog post reap you even more rewards! Find out what they are now! READ MORE
    Posted: Sunday 2 September 2018
  • How Often Should You Write A Blog Post?
    Should you write a blog a day, week, month or year? Do you know how often you should write a blog post? Is there an optimum number of blogs you should be publishing to your business website for maximum traffic? Well, actually there is and let’s jump into how often you should be thinking about blogging. READ MORE
    Posted: Wednesday 3 January 2018
  • Is Content Marketing Just Blogging?
    It’s the question we all want answered. Is content marking just blogging? After all, blogs are used to create fresh content, which search engines love. Your blogs provide interesting and useful information for your target audience. Isn’t that all you need to do? READ MORE
    Posted: Sunday 12 November 2017