Is Content Marketing Just Blogging?

Is Content Marketing Just Blogging?

Is Content Marketing Just Blogging? Or Is It Bigger Than That?

It’s the question we all want answered. Is content marking just blogging? After all, blogs are used to create fresh content, which search engines love. Your blogs provide interesting and useful information for your target audience. Isn’t that all you need to do?

In short, no. Content marketing can include blogs, but they are not the only thing we use.

For the long explanation, the whys and the hows, keep reading.

As explained in What is Content Marketing, it all boils down to providing content which attracts and keeps your target audience. You have a well thought out plan which clearly states what content you’re going to share and when you’re going to do it. Your content must be set out in a way that helps your client or customer travel through their buying journey. It sets you up as a thought leader, an expert in your field and someone they can trust. So is content marketing just blogging? No, there is much more to it than that.

What Else Does Content Marketing Involve?

Let’s take a look at what else is involved in building a content marketing strategy.We’ve put together some questions for you to consider.

  • Website pages – what pages do you currently have? Are they fulfilling the needs of your target audience? Is there a defined plan regarding how buyers travel through your pages? Are there pages specifically created for the different levels of the buyer’s journey?
  • Blogs – do you have a blogging strategy? How do your blogs move buyers through the buying journey? Are they being found regularly by your target audience? Do they get shared, liked or commented on? What information are you providing in your blogs? Is this information what your target audience needs to help solve their problem? Are you thought of as being an expert or thought leader in your industry?
  • Social media – do you have social media accounts which are active? Are they the same ones which your target audience uses? What content are your followers engaging with? Which posts and topics are sending people to your website?

Blogs Play An Important Role in Your Content Marketing Strategy

So while content marketing involves more than just blogging, your blogs do play a vital role within it. They help to fill the gaps which your website pages leave. As website pages are mostly static and rarely updated, they lack the flexibility blogs bring.

We can write blog posts on pretty much any topic. They’re perfect for giving a behind the scenes view of what happens in your business. Or you could use them to promote your Christmas products. Blogs can be used to tell the world about your latest industry certification. They’re a highly valuable piece of website real estate and one you should be prioritising!

One last word about blogs: they are amazing at bringing you traffic which may not have found it’s way to you otherwise. Can you afford not to have regular blogs written for your business’ website? So, is content marketing just blogging? No, but it certainly is a large part of it!

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Posted: Sunday 12 November 2017