What Software Can I Use To Create Infographics?

What Software Can I Use To Create Infographics?

Wanting to create infographics for your website or printed material? Infographics are a fantastic tool to make data appear more visually attractive. For someone who hasn’t used or made infographics before they may seem like they are unobtainable or to difficult, but they need not be, and with the right design tools, anyone can make use of infographics.

Free Online Software to Create Infographics

If you’d like to try creating some infographics for yourself, here are some free and paid online software options for you to try:

  • Befunky – the key feature of this program is that they provide easy-to-design templates.
  • Visme – a key feature is that video and audio files can be added to your infographic design, your voice can be recorded into the editing platform of the software, it also has built in analytics.
  • Canva – very user friendly easy to use, can publish to Canvas community platform Design Stream, so other creators can provide feedback on your design. Has an easy to email design.
  • Infogram – the key feature of this is that graphs and charts can be connected to live data such as Dropbox or Google sheets. It is really good to use with complex data.
  • Venngage – lets you choose between eight different types, including; statistical, informational, comparison and geographical infographics.
  • Piktochart  – a key feature is that it has over 200 templates that have been created by their in house designers.
  • Snappa – this one is aimed at non designers and it promises to make an infographic in 10 minutes.
  • Google Charts – a variety of charts can be used and configured to match your website. They claim to be powerful, easy to use, and free.
  • Animaker  – a key feature of this is that this program is dedicated to the creation of video Infographics.
  • Adioma – this allows a wide variety of generative templates. Once you pick a template, the infographic data starts building as you enter text, and changes as you enter and remove information.
  • PicMonkey – offers an online image editor with a section dedicated to designing Infographics, with tutorials as well.

Many of the free infographic software have a pro or a premium version of their software. It depends on what you require: if you need more features a subscription to a premium model is advised. If you only need to use the basic functions, then the free model is fine. At Spotty Lizard we can provide a quality infographic service at an affordable price to our clients. So take the difficulty out of DIY infographic creating and contact us today.

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Posted: Saturday 10 March 2018