What is a Content Marketer?

What is a Content Marketer?

In a competitive business environment, it can be very difficult to promote your business, especially when you have little knowledge and expertise in marketing. Quite often, you’re better off hiring a content marketer to do it for you. This lets you focus on doing the stuff you do well.

content marketerWhat is a Content Marketer?

It’s a person that has the relevant skills to position and promote content that reaches the widest potential customer base. They take them from potential prospects to customers. As a content marketer, it’s my job to plan and create website content which gets you the results you want. I create an editorial calendar which makes content creation and promotion easy.

Why Hire a Content Marketer?

Because they make life easier for you! They will save you time, allowing resources to be used where they are needed most. It’s more cost effective as you can concentrate on what you do well. Also, their performance can be easily analyzed and measured.

A content marketer’s job is to:

  • generate leads to create new customers.
  • increase your sales.
  •  raise your brand and business awareness .
  • build trust in your business.
  •  make sure that you engage and retain customers.
  • grow and increase web traffic to your company website.
  •  generate new product or service ideas from customers
  • work with you to ensure that you get the best content written for you that is tailored to your individual business needs

When’s the Right Time to Hire a Content Marketer?

I’m not going to say now. Nor will I say yesterday. The best time to hire a content marketer is when you are ready. You need to be able to afford it, would rather focus on what you do well and are ready to try something new. Someone like me is not right for everybody.

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Posted: Monday 29 January 2018