What is a Content Strategy? How Do I Get One?

What is a Content Strategy? How Do I Get One?

Tell Me: What is a Content Strategy?

When I talk about website content, I’m talking about the words and images you use on each page of your website. Your website content strategy maps out what you are going to do to entice visitors to your website, keep them there and have them do something you want them to do.

Creating a Website Content Strategy

Let me break down each of the steps for you. They are:

  1. Nailing down your goal – why do you want to create web content? What do you want to get out of it?
  2. Research your customer persona – you need to identify exactly who your target audience is. This lets you create content just for them.
  3. Do a content audit – check what content you have already on your website. Can you reuse any of that content in another form, such as an e-Book? Which pages or posts got a lot of traffic and which were duds?
  4. Brainstorm ideas – put down all your ideas in one place about what content topics you’d like on your website. Can’t think of any? Well here’s where it’s going to get fun. Here are some sites which can help you come up with some ideas:
  5. Decide on content type – do you want blog posts, eBooks, videos, infographics, podcasts or something else?
  6. Make a schedule – write down when you will be publishing each piece of content. Then use this to make decisions about when you’ll share them on social media.

Your ‘Why’ is Very Important

There’s no one like you and there’s certainly only one specific target person for your business too. This person is your customer persona. If you are not sure what that means, then read my article on What is a Customer Persona first.

The why you create your web content shows you how to create it. Yes, it sounds confusing, I know. But it’s not.

  • You create content for a reason.
  • Your content is created for a specific person.
  • You want this person to take an action – this is your reason!

Let me give you an example. Tom’s Shop sells used toy cars, specifically Matchbox cars which were made between 1980 and 1983. He has a physical shop in Auckland and a website.

Tom’s ‘why’ for his content strategy, the reason why he creates web content is to tell people about his physical store. He is not interested in selling online, but only wants people in Auckland to visit his store. So Tom creates content which talks about his local store, what new stock he gets in and promotions to encourage people into his store. Tom also has created a printed book which he gives out for free about the toy cars which he gives to people who visit his store. Tom’s customer persona is male, aged between 39-67, lives in Auckland, has plenty of disposable income and collects Matchbox cars made between 1980 and 1983.

Spotty Can Help!

If you’d like some help, give Spotty a call! Let’s create a content strategy for your website and begin your world domination. Fill in the contact form below and let’s get started!

Posted: Monday 12 February 2018