What is a Customer Persona?

What is a Customer Persona?

Tell Me: What is a Customer Persona?

Have you ever wondered what is a customer persona before? If you’re a business owner, I bet you have. If you haven’t, I bet you’ve been profiled as one before. Let’s dive into explaining what is a customer persona, check some examples of them different businesses might have and explain why you need to create a persona of your idea customer.

What is a Customer Persona?

A customer persona is a representation of your ideal customer. It is an invented personification of the type of audience your business is trying to sell your product or service to. It’s a measurement of the type of person a business is targeting when they are marketing a product or service.

For example, here are some customer personas different businesses may create:

  • Grandpa John: This identity represents a customer who is mature, normally retired, may have more disposable income, and is prepared to pay more for better quality.
  • Football Mum Kate: This identity represents a busy worker, that has children, is paying for a mortgage or renting. They want value for their money.
  • Single Man Paul: This identity represents a customer that has a higher income, is more able to purchase higher end goods and services, with more flexibility to buy what they want when they want.

These general examples may not relate to all small businesses, but they can help a business to identify who are their customers.

Why Do I Need to Create a Persona Of My Ideal Customer?

There are many reasons why a business should create a persona of their ideal customer. Some key benefits include;

  • Ensuring that the right customers are targeted, and the wrong ones are avoided
  • Gaining a better understanding of who your customers are
  • Increased efficiency
  • Help you compete with other firms that sell similar goods and services
  • To make better use of company resource’s, including a more targeted sales approach.
  • Ensuring that the company makes the right decisions regarding changing, improving and introducing products and services into the market.
  • To ensure the business becomes profitable and succeeds

Now you understand what a customer persona is, it’s time to create your own! After all, your business needs to completely understand who its target market is. Having a persona of your ideal client helps you target your business’ actions to hook that customer in. If you need some help nailing down a persona, we can help you with our content marketing service. Take a look at what we can do today!

Posted: Sunday 10 December 2017