Where Can You Use Infographics?

Where Can You Use Infographics?

I Have An Infographic. What Now?

Congratulations! You’ve created an infographic or had one created for your business. You know it’s a good tool for promoting your business and getting those valuable back links, but what do you do with it now? Let’s discuss the places you can use infographics, in order to get the most benefit from them.

Where Can You Use Infographics?

An infographic presents data to your audience in an easily understood graphic format. It contains content which gets your message across quickly and clearly. It’s visually appealing, interesting and supports your business’ other content. Infographics provide many benefits to a business, but where can you use infographics?

  • Website – your website is your business’ advertisment. People can visit it 24/7 and it’s always open. You can upload your infographics to any page on your website, but they are mostly used on landing pages and blog posts. If you provide an embed code, people will be able to share your branded infographic on their website. In this way, you receive the back links!
  • Social Media – you can share your infographic directly to social media as the image alone, or via a link to your website. Great social media accounts to share it at include Facebook, Pinterest, SlideShare and LinkedIn.
  • White Papers – white papers are used to teach others by providing detailed information about a topic. Including an infographic helps to back up your statements and influence the reader. It also provides information in another format, which helps to get your message across.
  • Email Marketing – emails which contain visual information are quickly read and understood by your recipients. You can email infographics to your leads, customers, clients and any other contacts. Include both the infographic and text describing the infographic’s topic too. Remember to include a call to action, telling your reader what to do next.
  • Press Release – write a press release which includes the information from your infographic. Next attach your infographic to your press release and send away! It’s more likely to be picked up and shared around because of your infographic.

One Last Word …

So, where can you use infographics? Anywhere! Because you are using your infographic to target your audience, posting it where they will see it is vital. Finally, your infographic doesn’t have to be posted just online. You can use it in printed brochures, flyers and posters too! We’re here to help you research the content for and design your infographic. Send us a message below and we’ll be in touch ASAP!

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Posted: Wednesday 15 November 2017