Why Should I Do Keyword Research?

Why Should I Do Keyword Research?

Why Do I Need to Do Keyword Research?

I’ll be the first to admit that it seems like everyone is being told to do keyword research. I’m also going to say that yes, you should be doing it and today I’m going to explain why. But if you’d rather get straight into it, take a read of my blogs How to Use Keyword Planner and What Are the Best Free Keyword Research Tools? instead.

Tell Me: Why Should I Do Keyword Research?

Did you know that each month, Google has over 100 billion unique searches? That’s over 100 billion times your website could potentially be found. Being realistic, they’re not all searching for the products or services you sell. But some of them might!

That’s why it’s important your website copy contains the right keywords they are using to find your products or services. It’s all about keyword placement and keyword optimisation! If you’re not sure how to do keyword research, make sure you read my blog How Do I Do Keyword Research for some great tips.

Here are some more reasons why the right keywords are important to your web copy:

  • 9 out of 10 people use a search engine to find the information they want
  • the words you’d use to find your business may differ from those your customer will use
  • use the wrong words and you’ll attract the wrong people
  • the wrong keywords also increase your bounce rate, which can lower your Google ranking
  • your target audience is more likely to buy from you if you use the same language they do

Opps I Did It Again

Did you know that when you research your keywords, it’s only the beginning of your journey? That’s because the world we live in is constantly changing. New ways of describing and explaining things are being created each day. People are thinking about the same products or services in different ways. The keywords they use to find your business will change over time!

As a business owner, it’s important you research the words and phrases people use to find your stuff at least twice a year. If this seems like something you’d rather put in the too hard basket, let me do it for you! As a keyword finder, I enjoy the challenge of picking out the best keywords for my clients. To order yours, just fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch!

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Posted: Monday 11 December 2017