Top 7 SEO Trends for 2018

Top 7 SEO Trends for 2018

Heads Up: Here’s the Top 8 SEO Trends for 2018

Are you wondering what the top seven SEO trends for 2018 are going to be? Or maybe you’re thinking no one knows the future, so why are we so hung up on predicting it? It turns out that most website owners want a heads up in the area of SEO trends for 2018, if for nothing else than to get a head start on our competition. So I’d better not keep you in suspense and let you know what the SEO experts say they’ll be …

Top 7 SEO Trends for 2018

Here are the trends we can expect SEO to follow during 2018:

  1. Voice Search
  2. Speed
  3. Mobile-first indexing
  4. Featured snippets
  5. Technical SEO
  6. Links
  7. Content

seo trends for 2018Right, okay. Now what? Let me explain what these mean to you and how you can prepare your business website now.

Voice Search in 2018

Most new devices already have voice search enabled. This lets you tell the device what to do just by speaking. As a website owner, you’re not so concerned with that, with Google Voice Search being your newest thing. Internet users will be able to search the web by talking, not typing. This will lead to more long tail keywords being used. So, use more long tailed keywords in your website copy.

Website Speed in 2018

The importance of website speed is nothing new. Websites which are fast are generally ranked higher in search results by Google. Visitors to your website are also more likely to stick around if your site is quick to load. In 2018, make sure you try to speed up your website by optimising your images and choosing a fast web host. You can find out how fast your site is using PageSpeed Insights.

Mobile-first Indexing in 2018

Websites which are responsive for lots of devices, including mobile phones, will rank high in search results in 2018. If your website is not responsive, you best get onto it quickly! This may mean changing to a new website platform if your current one isn’t. Google has a mobile friendly checking tool you can use to see if your site is mobile friendly.

Featured Snippets in 2018

A featured snippet is the text displayed in a box in a Google search result. Google says it is “a snippet extracted programmatically from what a visitor sees on your web page. What’s different with a featured snippet is that it is enhanced to draw user attention on the results page.” For you, this means you should be structuring your website content to answer questions, which may be used in featured snippets.

Technical SEO in 2018

Technical SEO is all the behind the scenes things you do to help your website rank well. Basically, if it doesn’t include content, it’s technical SEO. So, this includes things like page speed, website codes, design of your website and how it is navigated. As a website owner, using a free tool to check your SEO is a great place to identify what needs improving this year.

Website Links in 2018

Links to and from your website continue to be an important SEO ranking feature. Backlinks show search engines that others feel your content is worth sharing with others. Therefore, the more quality links you have, the better your website is seen as being. Now, I’m not going to lie when I say building links is one of the most challenging aspects of SEO. The best way you can get these links is by creating great website content worthy of sharing. If you get stuck, I can help you out with your website copy.

Website Content in 2018

The final of the SEO trends for 2018 comes as no surprise. It’s your website content! The better your content, the more often people will return to your site to read it. This means they build up a relationship with you and are more likely to buy your stuff. Yes, it takes time to write it and yes, it is a long term content marketing strategy. However it is one which you will be so glad you have done in years to come.

One of the best ways you can have fabulous on page SEO is by having great content. For all your website copywriting needs, come see us first! Pop your details into our contact form below and let’s get your website humming.


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Posted: Monday 8 January 2018